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Digitizing molecular tumor boards provides shared access to clinical insights for more personalized patient care across institutions, regions and countries

Institut für Hämatopathologie Hamburg (HpH Hamburg), Germany

navify Tumor Board enables secure and efficient collaboration

HpH is among Germany’s leading institutes in the field of hematopathological diagnostics. In addition to conventional histology, HpH applies a broad and diversified diagnostic methodology that includes immunohistochemistry, immunophenotyping and molecular analyses. Molecular diagnostics also extend to analyses of solid tumors to enable personalized therapy.


Oncologic diagnosis and treatment decisions based on molecular pathology findings are extremely complex. Issues include unknown mutations that require interpretation and decision making based on the latest medical knowledge, as well as a lack of suitable clinical decision platforms that support supraregional exchange and joint evaluation of molecular pathological findings.


navify Tumor Board enables secure and efficient collaboration between molecular pathologists, oncologists and other experts across institutions, regions and countries. Relevant patient data and assets are accessed on the secure platform, helping authorized experts make informed diagnosis and treatment decisions. Clinical decision support applications, such as navify Clinical Trial Match, provide clinical care teams with access to the most up-to-date medical knowledge.


navify Tumor Board standardizes and optimizes the communication, preparation, presentation and documentation processes of the MTB Norddeutschland. All external participants, independent of a small clinic or a teaching hospital, can easily create a patient case that includes all necessary information and outlines points of discussion. For each patient case, a dedicated key opinion leader meets virtually with a multidisciplinary team in different MTB rooms highlighting specific expertise in different types of cancer or in different regions.

In the past, molecular tumor boards lacked the capability to conduct a common, standardized data search. Too often, the result was lost time and missed opportunities to learn from and leverage the most current medical knowledge. Digital platforms such as navify Tumor Board offer huge advantages by providing essential structure and convenient, shared access to the most up-to-date research and data—ultimately, improving collaboration across regions and specialties to help clinicians reach consensus on personalized patient care plans.”

Prof. Dr. Markus Tiemann,
Specialist in pathology, hematopathology, molecular pathology
Managing Director HpH

The value of network for molecular tumor boards

navify Tumor Board enables multidisciplinary oncology care teams to work together more effectively. In this video, Prof. Tiemann in Germany reflects on the past, present and future of molecular Tumor Boards and how the Institut für Hämatopathologie Hamburg (HpH) uses the solution to focus on patient care improvement.


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