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navify Clinical Decision Support apps

navify Clinical Decision Support apps provide patient-specific and evidence-based insights to enable more confident and personalized treatment decisions.

navify Tumor Board

navify Clinical Decision Support apps

navify Clinical Decision Support apps provide patient-specific and evidence-based insights to enable more confident and personalized treatment decisions.

Decision support for more personalized care

Clinicians need access to clinical trials, the latest clinical practice guidelines, and scientific and medical literature to make evidence-based decisions for personalized treatments.

navify Clinical Decision Support apps fully integrate with navify Tumor Board to enhance multidisciplinary team discussions and support evidence-based treatment planning. The seamless delivery of the most relevant guideline recommendations and trials for each patient, combined with the latest clinical research, empower care providers to optimize treatment strategies and personalize care decisions.

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navify Guidelines

A faster and easier way to review up-to-date clinical guidelines to support evidence-based diagnostic and treatment decisions.

The legacy approach of consulting and incorporating NCCN Guidelines required nine key steps, two or more users, and up to 24 hours. Use of navify Guidelines requires three key steps, one user and occurs in real-time within the tumor board meeting.1

The demand for and influence of clinical oncology guidelines are increasing. Research shows 89% of global oncology professionals regularly consult National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®).2 These guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations that empower clinicians to confidently apply the latest treatment approaches without delay and help hospitals reduce unwarranted variations in care and costs. However, as the length and complexity of these guidelines continue to grow, manual traversal of the guidelines has become time consuming and cumbersome.

navify Guidelines provides quick and easy access to over 16 digitized NCCN Guidelines. Alternatively, institutions can digitize and make their institutional pathways available for use within the app.

Use navify Guidelines to:

  • Easily find and review guideline recommendations based on a patient’s clinical information
  • Digitally traverse through each step of the pathway to ensure critical steps are not missed
  • Use an intuitive interface to create and record personalized treatment paths for each patient
  • Pin relevant guideline recommendations to a patient case for an upcoming multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting or print them for patients and payers
  • Automate the process of tracking and reporting on guideline usage and adherence to support quality initiatives and reduce unwarranted variations in care
  • Digitize institutional pathways via the guidelines configuration module to make it available for use within the app

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navify Clinical Trial Match*

Match the right patient to the right trial in seconds.

Patients who participate in research are more likely to report positive patient experiences.3

For many patients, participation in a clinical trial may be the best option. However, fewer than 5% of patients take part in clinical trials. Matching the right trial with the right patient is a time-consuming and challenging task. navify Clinical Trial Match makes this process faster and easier by leveraging MolecularMatch, Inc’s technology to deliver unbiased, patient-specific trial matches in just seconds.

Use navify Clinical Trial Match to:

  • Streamline your trial search using patient-specific data, and do it all without leaving navify Tumor Board
  • Search through over 21 trial registries in one place, covering >150 countries and >70,000 trials
  • Match patients to relevant clinical trials close to home, or prioritize matches within your institution to maximize continuity of care
  • See clearly formatted inclusion and exclusion criteria to determine patient eligibility
  • Pin or print relevant trials for an upcoming MDT meeting

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navify Publication Search*

Support treatment decisions with the latest medical and scientific literature.

With medical knowledge expanding faster than our ability to collect, assimilate and apply it effectively, clinicians are turning to published literature to guide use of novel therapies and support evidence-based treatment decisions. However, publication search engines can be cumbersome to navigate, and it can be very time consuming to find articles relevant for a specific patient’s condition.

navify Publication Search enables personalized literature searches by automatically searching through more than 858,000 publications and conference abstracts for literature specific to a patient’s cancer type, stage, biomarkers and genomic alterations to support evidence-based treatment decisions.

Use navify Publication Search to:

  • Streamline your search and save time with a prioritized list of articles based on the patient’s condition and genomic alterations
  • Instantly search through 858,000 publications from PubMed, American Society of Clinical Oncology, European Society for Medical Oncology and American Association of Cancer Research
  • Pin or print relevant publications for an upcoming MDT meeting


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Clinical decision support for multidisciplinary cancer care

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† Depends on connection speeds