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navify Digital Solutions have helped my team to streamline workflows, integrate data, and alleviate work from support staff.

Richard Hammer, MD
Vice-Chair of Pathology, University of Missouri

Digital Infrastructure

Securely integrate data streams across the care continuum

Interoperability of systems and solutions has become a major pain point and expense to healthcare systems, costing them over $30 billion annually in the US alone1. The COVID pandemic has further increased the heterogeneity of instruments in laboratories and hospitals.

Our navify solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate data streams across the care continuum:

$30 billion annually

healthcare expense
in the US alone1.

  • Securely connect data streams from Roche and non-Roche solutions
  • Integrate third-party applications seamlessly
  • Using secure-by-design solutions with respect to all industry data security standards

Operational Excellence

Drive efficiencies, raise health equity, enable value based care

Global healthcare costs continue to rise with spending projected to increase from approximately USD $8.45 trillion in 2018 to USD $10 trillion by 20222. In this challenging environment, laboratories and diagnostic institutions face pressure to do more with less.

Our navify solutions enable you to improve the operational efficiency of your lab or diagnostic institution:

$10 trillion

by 2022 in healthcare costs2.

  • Boost laboratory performance and optimize resources
  • Modify workflows to improve service levels and turn around times
  • Standardize processes to ensure high level of quality
  • Tackle common logistics challenges across Roche & non-Roche solutions
  • Reduce errors and drive efficiencies before samples arrive in your lab

Medical Insights

From data to insight to patient impact

We live in an age of unparalleled medical and diagnostic progress – healthcare data is set to grow annually by 36%3. While this brings an opportunity to improve patient care, many providers and labs are challenged to gain insights from the ever growing amounts of data. 

Our navify solutions enable you to generate meaningful data insights and impact patient care.

36% annual growth

in healthcare data3.

  • Integrate patient data from multiple sources for more confident care decisions
  • Seamlessly integrate high medical value algorithms into clinical and lab workflows
  • Tap into new potential sources of revenue and expand your service offering

Struggling with staff shortages?

Watch our webinar recording with Becker’s Healthcare to learn more with our point-of-care & clinical experts on how digital solutions can shape smarter, more labor-efficient ways to work.

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Dr. Hammer

Vice-Chair of Pathology, University of Missouri

Dr. Richard Hammer is highly trained hematopathologist/surgical pathologist with extensive experience and a focus on providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and evaluation using the latest evidence-based medicine. His lab provides high-level service in hematopathology, flow cytometry, coagulation, and molecular diagnostics in hematology. He also is involved in bioinformatics and developing tools to apply digital solutions to clinical practice and clinical decision support.

Matthew Manley

Vice-President Digital Healthcare Solutions, Roche North America

Matthew Manley is recognized as an expert within the Diagnostics industry with over 25 years of experience working with hospital systems and independent laboratories. In the past years, he has overseen digital transformation projects at point-of-care units across North America.  As the VP of Digital Healthcare Solutions at Roche, he is an acknowledged thought leader and has been speaking at numerous industry panels and conferences, including recently HLTH.

Drive Interoperability

Enabling quicker treatment decisions through integrated and standardized data. 4

Improve Efficiency

Streamline and reduce the burden for multidisciplinary team meeting preparation across the healthcare network.5

Gain Insights

Easy access to secured patient data and virtual meetings can help improve clinical work.

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