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Optimizing your digital infrastructure

Prepare your digital infrastructure today for a future-ready tomorrow.

Three ways to optimize your digital infrastructure today for a future-ready tomorrow

How a strong digital infrastructure drives healthcare innovation

Given the ever-evolving nature of the healthcare landscape, it can be difficult to remain future-focused while making sure that more immediate needs and concerns are addressed. However, making decisions with a myopic view of your business can obscure the path to long-term growth and success.

Fortunately, new technologies can help businesses cope with their current challenges and prepare for the ones yet to come – leading to a boom in digital transformation efforts across many healthcare organizations today. But with only 16% of companies perceiving success in their digitization efforts and the widely shared sentiment of large-scale digitalization feeling out of reach1,2 how do you ensure that the tools you use to fuel your digital transformation can help you succeed in an uncertain future?

As with any other system that has achieved durable success, it starts with a digital infrastructure that was designed with your ambitions in mind and can serve as a foundation from which healthcare innovation can thrive.

1. Open up new avenues for growth with interoperability

Many of today’s approaches to digital transformation utilize a diverse range of disparate systems and data siloes that are poorly connected.

Integrating the different components of an IT environment into one powerful digital health platform can have many advantages. It can foster collaboration between various stakeholders in the health system, allow you to drive operational efficiency throughout your entire organization, and accelerate access to new digital health products and services from a variety of different vendors.

Most importantly, it can help your business grow and democratize clinical best practices for patients across a variety of care settings.

An open ecosystem in healthcare ensures interoperability and integrates innovative third-party solutions from trusted partners to help impact patient care.

2. Leverage data to fuel continuous optimization

As the amount of healthcare data being generated grows, your approach to data integration and management can either lead to more complexity or new opportunities to raise the quality of care and ensure business continuity.

By integrating decentralized data, a more holistic approach to insight generation can help you achieve the latter. Accurate data-driven insights can drive maximized access and use of resources, even as your needs and priorities shift. Visibility of cost and performance drivers throughout your business can help you leverage your strengths or course-correct when challenges arise.

Additionally, comprehensive healthcare insights can enable more timely and informed decision-making for HCPs – ultimately raising the quality of care for patients while ensuring business continuity.

3. Safeguard your patients’ healthcare data and privacy

Navigating the many challenges in data security and privacy can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially with today’s stringent data protection guidelines (e.g., HIPAA).

Keeping sensitive information protected through robust encryption can help you mitigate risks and security threats. A certified cloud-based architecture that is constantly monitored, and continuously developed can save you and your IT manager time for other tasks.

Lastly, while risk management is the ultimate goal, improving resilience with disaster recovery capabilities can help you take timely action when the unforeseen occurs.

An open ecosystem in healthcare ensures interoperability and integrates innovative third-party solutions from trusted partners to help impact patient care.

As your partner, we can help you build a digital infrastructure that ticks all of these boxes. Leveraging our strong legacy in diagnostics and digital healthcare innovation, navify® is committed to helping you address your needs for today and achieve your ambitions for tomorrow.

Our digital infrastructure solutions have been designed to give your organization the flexibility and freedom to grow with your goals, identify opportunities for improvement with digital solutions that evolve with your business, and grant you peace of mind with robust cybersecurity features that are compliant with today’s stringent regulations (e.g., HIPPA, GDPR).

Discover about our digital infrastructure concept and let us be your partner in the digital revolution.

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