Roche at HIMSS Europe 2022

Delivering the future of healthcare: Interconnected. Data-driven. Patient-centered.

Each year, the HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition brings together senior healthcare leaders from across the globe. This year will be especially noteworthy, as HIMSS returns as an in-person event,
14th – 16th of June, in Helsinki, Finland.

We look forward to meeting and listening to leading C-suite executives, IT professionals, government officials and innovative startup founders, sharing how Roche is shaping the future of healthcare. Now.

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Learn why we’ve chosen now to expand our NAVIFY digital products portfolio, dedicated to helping providers, professionals and patients navigate and clarify the end-to-end healthcare journey.

Experience the new cobas® pulse system, an industry-first professional blood glucose management solution with mobile digital health capabilities to improve patient care. And visit the future through our in-booth presentations on building a healthcare ecosystem that is both open and secure, where health science and evidence help drive personalized, patient-focused care. 

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cobas® infinity edge – Roche’s new secure, cloud-based platform breaks down common data silos, connecting patient test results, medical records and third-party applications, allowing professionals to monitor patients’ health, adjust treatment protocols and make quick data-driven patient care decisions anytime, anywhere within and across clinical settings. Learn more

Viewics LabOPSTM – This advanced analytics solution helps laboratories identify staffing, process and quality improvement opportunities that enable targeted, data-driven strategies for reducing waste and improving finances and overall lab performance. Learn more

NAVIFY® Tumor Board – This cloud-based solution enhances the efficiency of multidisciplinary tumor board meetings, supporting the essential functions of coordination, presentation and documentation—including automatically capturing, customizing and reporting key metrics essential for accreditation and quality measures. Learn more

Viewics DX OptimizationTM – Provides the hospital C-Suite and lab directors with an effective way to identify, review, and track key trends and test ordering patterns that may help improve diagnosis while delivering positive impact to operational and business performance. Learn more

NAVIFY® Kidney Companion* – This digital solution automatically imports, contextualizes and displays relevant clinical data and lab reports in a comprehensive patient record, enabling physicians to monitor health variations and disease progression to support personalized, guidelines-based care plans.

NAVIFY® Sample Tracking – This integrated digital solution supports high-performance laboratory ecosystems with key services such as tube supply, packing, transportation and tracking, helping eliminate diagnostic errors before samples even reach the lab—a major and potentially costly pain point for labs and hospitals.

As the world struggles to emerge from a global pandemic and HIMSS returns to an in-person event, this year’s conference is especially important.

*Product is in development and not commercially available.

We look forward to sharing how Roche’s dedicated professionals are helping design and build a more robust, responsive and collaborative ecosystem–delivering the future of healthcare:

Patient centricity. Healthscience & evidence. Open ecosystem.

We hope to see you in Helsinki!

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