Roche at HLTH 2023  |  Las Vegas  |  October 8 – 11

Accelerating digital innovation to enable better care

Within healthcare, HLTH is considered the #1 innovation event.

Senior executives, decision-makers and innovators from across the healthcare spectrum will gather to see the latest technology–including the latest digital solutions that have a measurable impact across healthcare settings.

We look forward to meeting and listening to leading C-suite executives, Vice Presidents, Directors and innovative startup founders, and sharing how Roche is accelerating digital solutions to enable better care in key areas as Digital Infrastructure, Analytics and Insights,  and our Open Ecosystem.

Digital Infrastructure

Securely integrate data streams across the care continuum

Interoperability of systems and solutions has become a significant pain point and expense to healthcare systems, costing them over $30 billion annually in the US alone1. The COVID pandemic has further increased the heterogeneity of instruments in laboratories and hospitals.

$30 billion annually

healthcare expense
in the US alone1.

Our navify solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate data streams across the care continuum:

  • Securely connect data streams from Roche and non-Roche solutions

  • Integrate third-party applications seamlessly

  • Dependable secure-by-design solutions meets all current industry data security standards

Analytics and Insights

From data to insight to patient impact

We live in an age of unparalleled medical and diagnostic progress – healthcare data is set to grow annually by 36%2. While this brings an opportunity to improve patient care, many providers and labs are challenged to gain insights from the ever growing amounts of data.

36% annual growth

in healthcare data2.

Our navify solutions enable you to generate meaningful data insights and impact patient care:

  • Integrate patient data from multiple sources for more confident care decisions

  • Seamlessly integrate high medical value algorithms into clinical and lab workflows

  • Tap into new potential sources of revenue and expand your service offering

Open Ecosystem

Bringing innovation to healthcare

Many executives agree that digital transformation takes work. An open ecosystem can help us to succeed. An Open Ecosystem ensures interoperability by integrating third-party solutions from trusted collaborators. With the complexities of digital transformation, we need fundamental new capabilities that can be achieved through collaboration. That is why we work with large and small players–labs, hospitals, tech companies, etc.

84% of all

transformations fail3.

Our navify solutions and ideas can be applied to improve healthcare:

  • Connect data, systems and providers across healthcare settings

  • Optimize workflows and generate meaningful insights to support timely and confident decisions

  • Enable open, secure ecosystems with a robust data privacy approach

HLTH 2023 Highlights: Come be a part of the conversation.

Panel Executive

Digital Deliberations: The Ins and Outs of Implementing a Digital Strategy

Okan Ekinci, MD MBA

Head of Innovation, Roche Information Solutions

Tech Talks

Empowering Digital Solutions with Large Language Models (LLMs) for Personalized Care

Vishakha Sharma, PhD

Senior Principal Data Scientist, Roche Information Solutions

Booth Highlights

  • Explore navify

    Discover high-level digital solutions in digital infrastructure, analytics and insights and the open ecosystem

  • Get connected

    Connect with our Digital and Enterprise Professionals–engage in presentations and discuss how digital solutions can benefit your organization

  • Experience the future of Point of Care

    Get to know our Point of Care ecosystem and learn how we help deliver patient-centric and connected solutions.

  • Expand your knowledge

    Check out our wide range of in-booth presentations on how our digital solutions are helping shape the future of healthcare.

Connect now

Interested in digital innovations, let’s connect:

Register today to meet our team in person,

find us at navify booth number 6429.


Register today to meet our team in person,

find us at navify booth number 6429.

Recognition and awards: navify in the news

Award winner

navify, the one digital brand for Roche Diagnostics, won the gold award for its navify customer launch video at the 2023 TITAN Health Awards*.

  • Gold Winner

    navify customer launch video
    Category: Video, commercial and film branding

  • Silver winner

    navify Brand evolution visual identity elements: Logo and pathway
    Category: Advertising and logo

    navify Brand – the one digital brand of Roche Diagnostics
    Category: Integrated marketing – Brand transformation
    and repositioning

    navify Brand – the one digital brand of Roche Diagnostics
    Category: Integrated marketing and rebranding

*The TITAN Health Awards recognizes astounding accomplishments under marketing, branding, strategic programs, technology solutions, designs, provider and services, websites, social media, video productions, and specialized achievements both locally and internationally.

Enduring Impact

navify Brand is recognized at Fast Company’s Innovation by Design 2023 Awards*, the world’s most impactful design competition.

*Fast Company’s Innovation by Design 2023 Awards, honor businesses solving the most crucial problems of today and anticipating the pressing issues of tomorrow. navify was recognized in the “Enduring Impact: 15+ Years in Business” category.

First Look Report

navify Tumor Board in Action: Does It Measure Up? KLAS Weighs In! 

Tumor board conferences play a crucial role in the comprehensive management of cancer patients. Yet, without the support of a digital platform, multidisciplinary teams can face challenges in communication, collaboration, and decision-making, potentially resulting in care delays, errors, and diminished outcomes.

Enter navify Tumor Board: Designed to modernize, streamline, and enhance multidisciplinary team meetings.

But how does it truly perform in the real-world? KLAS reveals what our customers really think in an upcoming First Look Report.

Get a First Look After HLTH!

1) Huynh, K. and Dzabic, N. (2020) Industry voices-interoperability can cut health costs by $30B. but this needs to happen first, Fierce Healthcare, Available at: (Accessed: 05 September 2023).
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