navify® Analytics for Core Lab | Case Study

Bioliance’s journey to operational excellence with innovative monitoring

How navify Analytics for Core Lab is helping drive continuous improvement and monitoring quality indicators

navify® Analytics for Core Lab | Case Study

How navify Analytics for Core Lab is helping drive continuous improvement and monitoring quality indicators

Bioliance has implemented navify Analytics to enable comprehensive quality indicator monitoring, measuring both laboratory activity and performance. This tool not only provides valuable insights into the lab’s operations but also identifies improvement opportunities to optimize the achieved results.

Bioliance implemented navify Analytics for its capabilities, enabling comprehensive quality indicator monitoring, and measuring laboratory activity and performance. navify Analytics provides valuable insights into the lab’s operations and identifies opportunities to optimize results.


Bioliance’s IT team was experiencing difficulty effectively tracking quality indicators. Each month, the team faced the arduous tasks of extracting data from MPL and the LIS, and then manually updating tables before disseminating them to the respective teams.

This time-consuming process only focused on essential indicators, limiting the scope to contractual obligations. The team wanted to implement a process that would encompass action plans and help identify the root causes behind any potential performance issues.


With its customizable dashboards for every specific case use, navify Analytics has helped Bioliance to revolutionize its approach,  resulting in more productive routine interactions among laboratory teams. These dashboards can be conveniently shared on a monthly basis, providing valuable insights and support to all laboratory stakeholders.

Now, whenever an opportunity for improvement arises, Bioliance’s teams can dive into the navify Analytics customized dashboards to explore potential action plans in detail and closely monitor results in real-time.

About Customer

  • Private laboratory integrated into PolyClinique
  • 430 beds
  • 219,700 unique samples monthly
  • 33 instruments (under MPL scope)
  • Accredited NF ISO15189

“Monthly verification of our time commitments is now streamlined, resulting in a substantial reduction in preparation time.”

Dr. Christophe Richard | Medical Biologist


Contract Review: Monthly statistics for the emergency department CMSI

To ensure efficient operations, Bioliance has introduced an indicator that tracks the processing time for tubes received from its emergency departments.

Illustrated in the provided example, the Bioliance dashboard enables their team to conduct monthly evaluations based on predefined criteria outlined in their contracts with healthcare facilities. By doing so, Bioliance substantiates its dedication to delivering tubes within a 60-minute timeframe, reinforcing its commitment to timely and reliable service.

Distribution of Processing Time

Continuous performance improvement plan

During its assessment of blood gas turnaround time, the Bioliance team identified delays that exceeded the laboratory’s set objectives. An analysis of the sequence steps revealed a significant delay (46 minutes) following test transportation and analysis. To fix this issue, the team proactively implemented an alert system that promptly notifies the biologist whenever a result awaits validation.

The implementation of this alert system yielded remarkable results, helping reduce wait time by 60%. This improvement not only ensures timely validation but, also enhances overall efficiency and workflow in laboratory operations.

Expertise rule control

Bioliance closely monitors retesting rates as part of its process to continually reassess expertise rules. Additionally, they conduct annual reviews of self-validation rules to ensure their ongoing relevance and alignment with current industry standards.

In hemostasis, Bioliance observed a high manual validation rate, which it attributed to the absence of a defined automatic validation flowchart. This prompted improved collaboration among biologists from the hemostasis working group. Bioliance continues to monitor and reassess its expertise rules to improve laboratory operations.

“In case a tube surpasses the target threshold, we have the capability to promptly identify and investigate the cause of the delay, allowing us to take necessary actions to rectify the situation.”

Dr. Christophe Richard | Medical Biologist


navify Analytics for Core Lab has brought about a remarkable reduction in data extraction time, allowing Bioliance to conduct a more thorough analysis of the root causes and achieve a precise interpretation of the results.


navify Analytics for Core Lab

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