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Effective molecular tumor board collaboration for clinical trials

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

navify® Tumor Board empowers multi-centric collaboration and consistently robust evaluations to aid clinical researchers in streamlining treatment recommendations

As part of his research laboratory’s focus at Medical University of Vienna, Professor Philipp Staber, MD, PhD, leads his clinical research team in conducting clinical trials to assess novel therapeutic strategies and functional precision medicine approaches in patients with lymphoma, T-PLL, CLL and other hematologic malignancies. In implementing navify Tumor Board to foster multi-centric collaboration, Professor Staber created a consistent protocol to prepare, conduct and document the tumor board discussions regarding patient participation in clinical trials.


Professor Staber’s research group at the Medical University of Vienna conducts clinical and translational studies to match treatments based on genetic or function testing. A multi-disciplinary tumor board makes the treatment recommendations based on information from a range of sources. It is time-consuming to prepare the documents for each case and essential to include all relevant reports. Professor Staber sought a way to streamline the process without compromising evaluation
data validity, security and completeness.


After more than 18 months of using navifyTumor Board, Professor Staber and his team believe the enterprise solution has facilitated more constructive conclusions based on data at the highest evidence level. The reports can be compiled by support personnel, freeing the clinical specialists to focus on the evaluations. All users can log in remotely based on their security level to supplement and review masked patient data asynchronously.

“By combining patient-relevant information such as imaging, procedures and reports in one place, navify Tumor Board facilitates efficient, engaging interdisciplinary interaction in a multi-center trial—regardless of location. This proved to be particularly useful during the pandemic and continues to be valuable today.”

Professor Philipp Staber, MD, PhD, Physician Scientist
Associate Professor of Medicine, Lymphoma, CLL Program Director
Medical University of Vienna, Department of Medicine I, Division of
Hematology & Hemostaseology

Advancing confidence in clinical trial conversations
It takes significant preparation to assemble the case documents that clinical trial evaluators need to reach a constructive conclusion. navifyTumor Board provides the framework a research assistant needs to amass the documents, freeing the clinical leader to focus on effectively presenting the data for efficient decision making.

The software guides the assistant by noting any open tasks, fostering confidence that all relevant data and images have been included. This avoids the need for follow up discussion or misconclusions.

The visually rich interface holds participant attention and enables visual confirmation and verification—reassuring the validity of the data and the final recommendation.

Overcoming staffing challenges with a streamlined solution

Students and assistants are able to successfully prepare the tumor board materials with minimal oversight by a senior clinician. This helps ease staffing constraints and streamlines workflow.


“Participants are more engaged in the tumor board discussions because the information presented is highly structured and robust. This helps us quickly get to a constructive conclusion using the highest evidence level.”

Professor Philipp Staber, MD, PhD, Physician Scientist


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