Roche at EuroMedLab 2023 | Rome, Italy | May 21 – 25

Bringing the navify Diagnostics portfolio to European lab leaders

Join us at booth 59 to learn how navify digital solutions can help you build an intelligent lab.

Explore the past, present and future of diagnostic innovation

EuroMedLab is one of the most exciting forums for sharing the innovative advances taking place in laboratory science and clinical practice.

Visit Roche at booth 59 to learn how our portfolio of navify digital solutions helps laboratories connect data, drive operational excellence and accelerate access to insights and innovation. Learn more.

Explore navify digital solutions through hands-on demonstrations and take part in thought leadership sessions on medical algorithms, open ecosystems and the future of lab connectivity.

Learn more with our presentations in booth 59. Our programme’s highlights:

Prof. Damien Gruson

Prof. Damien Gruson

Head of the department of laboratory medicine at Cliniques Saint-Luc UCL, Brussels

Want to know about innovating Point of Care with the help of digital solutions?

Prof. Gruson, head of the department of laboratory medicine at Cliniques Saint-Luc UCL, Brussels will discuss innovating point-of-care.

He is also member of the research unit on Endocrinology Diabetes and Nutrition of the Catholic University of Louvain. Pr. D. Gruson is a member of the EFLM Task Force on Green Labs. He is also member of the executive committee of the division on Emerging Technology of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), board member of the Belgian Thyroid Club and Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology.

Dr. Mario Plebani

Dr. Mario Plebani

Professor at University Hospital in Padova, Italy

How sample tracking can reduce errors in the pre-pre-analytical phase

Dr. Plebani will share his team’s experience in reducing potential errors in the pre-pre-analytical phase.

Dr. Mario Plebani is professor of clinical biochemistry and clinical molecular biology at the University of Padova school of medicine and chief of the department of laboratory medicine at the University Hospital of Padova in Italy. He is also dean of the university’s medical school. Dr. Plebani is editor-in-chief of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and co-editor-in-chief of Diagnosis.

What can go wrong: Myths and reality of lab cyber security

Join our panelists in discussion about cyber security in a lab setting.

Unleashing the Intelligent Lab

Listen to the first-hand experience of Tyks Laboratories in Finland, who will share their journey towards a more digital lab.

Driving operational efficiency with navify Portal

Our customer from Italy will share their experience working with Roche and how our customer service portal helps her team in their daily operations. Speaker to be confirmed.

Expect insightful presentations and in-depth discussions

Meet us at our booth 59 and experience live demos of innovative digital solutions, including:

Operational Excellence

navify Sample Tracking
This solution supports high-performance laboratory ecosystems with tracking through pre-pre-analytic phases, such as sample collection, transportation and reception, helping to reduce diagnostic errors before samples even reach the lab—a major and potentially costly pain point for labs and hospitals. Learn more.

navify Analytics
This advanced analytics platform helps laboratories identify staffing, process and quality improvement opportunities to enable targeted, data-driven strategies for reducing waste and improving finances and overall lab performance.

cobas® infinity laboratory solutions
This intuitive solution provides a complete view of a laboratory ecosystem, helping uncover actionable insights, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency across laboratory operations. Learn more.

cobas® infinity edge smart
Easy-to-use serviceability interface that gives you control over updates of your POC devices, saving you time and allowing you to manage any problems with ease. Learn more.

cobas® infinity POC
The solution that enables centralized management of your entire POC environment. Complexity is replaced by a focus on patient care. Learn more.

Digital Infrastructure

navify Marketplace
This is where you have convenient one-stop access to a full range of Roche’s digital solutions, as well as third party applications. All at your fingertips.

navify Portal
This is our customers’ go-to digital workspace for digital solutions and services with a seamless and intuitive user experience to empower labs.

Medical Insights

navify Algorithm Suite
Seamless and efficient delivery of regulatory grade (SaMD) clinical algorithms leveraging lab and clinical data.

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EuroMedLab 2023 | Rome, Italy | May 21 – 25

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