Roche at HIMSS23 | Chicago, Illinois | April 17 – 21

Harness the power of digital

The HIMSS23 is the most influential health information technology event of the year, bringing together senior healthcare leaders from across the globe.

We’re excited to meet with you!

We look forward to meeting and listening to leading C-suite executives, IT professionals, government officials and innovative startup founders, sharing how Roche is harnessing the power of digital solutions in Digital Infrastructure, Operational Excellence and Medical Insights.

Digital Infrastructure

Securely integrate data streams across the care continuum

Interoperability of systems and solutions has become a major pain point and expense to healthcare systems, costing them over $30 billion annually in the US alone1. The COVID pandemic has further increased the heterogeneity of instruments in laboratories and hospitals.

Our navify solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate data streams across the care continuum:

$30 billion annually

healthcare expense
in the US alone1.

  • Securely connect data streams from Roche and non-Roche solutions

  • Integrate third-party applications seamlessly

  • Dependable secure-by-design solutions reflect all industry data security standards

Operational Excellence

Drive efficiencies, raise health equity, enable value based care

Global healthcare costs continue to rise with spending projected to increase from approximately USD $8.45 trillion in 2018 to USD $10 trillion by 20222. In this challenging environment, laboratories and diagnostic institutions face pressure to do more with less.

Our navify solutions enable you to improve the operational efficiency of your lab or diagnostic institution:

$10 trillion

by 2022 in healthcare costs2.

  • Boost laboratory performance and optimize resources

  • Modify workflows to improve service levels and turn around times

  • Standardize processes to ensure a high level of quality

  • Tackle common logistics challenges across Roche and non-Roche solutions

  • Reduce errors and drive efficiencies before samples arrive in your lab

Medical Insights

From data to insight to patient impact

We live in an age of unparalleled medical and diagnostic progress – healthcare data is set to grow annually by 36%3. While this brings an opportunity to improve patient care, many providers and labs are challenged to gain insights from the ever growing amounts of data.

Our navify solutions enable you to generate meaningful data insights and impact patient care.

36% annual growth

in healthcare data3.

  • Integrate patient data from multiple sources for more confident care decisions

  • Seamlessly integrate high medical value algorithms into clinical and lab workflows

  • Tap into new potential sources of revenue and expand your service offering

HIMSS Highlights

Be a part of the discussion; we have several on-stage presentations and educational workshops.

  • Monday, April 17

    Pre-Conference Forum

    How Natural Language Processing enables Personalized Care in Digital Products
    Rm. TBC | 1:30 – 1:45 pm

    Vishakha Sharma
    Sr. Principal Data Scientist

  • Tuesday, April 18

    Industry Solution Session - Panel

    Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Labs with Digital Infrastructure
    Rm. 1, South Building S403 | 12:00 – 12:45 pm

    Tim Kuruvilla
    Head of Commercialization,
    Roche Information Solutions

    Jan Choy
    Director of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning,
    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    Khosrow Shotorbani
    President, Executive Director Project Santa Fe Foundation – Lab 2.0

    JD Friedland
    Managing Director-Ventures,
    Cleveland Clinic

    Tuesday, April 18

  • Tuesday, April 18

    Lightning Session

    Open Ecosystem and the Future of Healthcare
    Rm. Booth 6833 – North Hall – Hall B | 1:15 – 1:30 pm

    Michael Flynn
     Ecosystems Lead, Roche Information Solutions

  • Wednesday, April 19

    Lightning Session

    How to impact the bottom line with algorithm ecosystems?
    Rm. Booth 6833 – North Hall – Hall B |10:45 – 11:00 am

    Ori Geva
    CEO and Co-Founder Medial EarlySign

    Mike Coyle
    Product Manager navify Algorithm Suite

    Wednesday, April 19

  • Wednesday, April 19

    Lunch & Learn

    Digital Innovations for Better Cancer Care: Improving Care Quality, Driving Efficiencies, and Reducing Costs Across the Continuum
    Rm. W471A | 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

    Richard Hammer, MD
    Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, Pathology and Anatomical Sciences University of Missouri (MU) Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

    Eric Thompson, PhD
    Vice President of Translational Medicine CIRCULOGENE

    Ernest Lo, MD
    Medical Director, Oncology Roche

    Keith Wharton, MD, PhD, FCAP
    Global Medical Affairs Leader – Pathology Roche

  • Wednesday, April 19

    Views from the Top

    Accelerating access to innovation through open ecosystems
    Rm. S100B | 2:30 pm

    Speaker: Moritz Hartmann
    Global Head of Roche Information Solutions

    Panel: Ori Geva
    CEO and Co-Founder Medial EarlySign

    Todd Schwarzinger
    GM Business Development & Licensing, Cleveland Clinic Innovations

    Wednesday, April 19

  • Thursday, April 20

    Lightning Session

    Targeting Testing Deserts and Hotspots through Data Analytics and SDoH
    Rm: Booth 6833 – North Hall – Hall B | 10:45 – 11:00 am

    Monique Dodd
    Manager, Enterprise Clinical Solutions, Rhodes Group

    Mark Koenig
    Software Engineer, Rhodes Group

    Jay Marcotte
    Product Marketing Manager, IT Solutions, Roche Diagnostics Corporation

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Register today to meet our team in person,

find us at navify booth number 6810.

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